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Work Ethic Design LLC is Jake Wright, graphic designer.

Currently available
for new projects.


Hi, my name is Jake. This is my portfolio of record; a presentation of real client work more

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Little things hold everything together


I've been a graphic designer (in the fullest sense of the word) since 2004. From 2007–2022, I worked at id29, a full-service agency in Troy, NY, where I created everything from brand identities to websites, design systems to downstream collateral. Clients ranged from regional and national B2B, B2C, Mom-and-Pop shops and even international brands you’ve definitely heard of. id29 fell prey to COVID pressures in 2022, and has since disbanded. I continue in their spirit and approach every project with a design sensibility that quests for timelessness over temporary; research before reaction. If you, your company or concern are in need of graphic design, I’m here.


Some of this work, but not all, was created while I was at id29.

Typical engagements:

  • brand identity
  • logo design/refinement
  • website
  • art direction
  • campaigns
  • special projects


Mother-F’n Design Gangster.
Nothing else need be said.
Drop the mic.

–Method Design Architecture & Urbanism