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Work Ethic Design LLC is Jake Wright, graphic designer.

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Gettysburg Flag Works



A typographically-nuanced identity for this online retailer/manufacturer of custom, American-made flags and banners from East Greenbush, NY.

Symbol (Registered with USTPO)

Full Logo / Horizontal

nuanced” what?

This logo consists of a stylized and profoundly mid-century modern symbol with letters set in Proxima Nova, one of the hardest-working and ubiquitous typefaces of the last twenty years. And for good reason; it’s friendly, honest and to-the-point. But being as this is a flag manufacturer, and many flags (and our perception of flags) are historical in nature, I wanted to inject just a smidge of nostalgia. How do I do that? With an original, two-story “g”; not part of the Proxima Nova typeface family. It’s just enough to juxtapose the modern tone. A subtle design element to build brand originality without losing overall impression. The symbol is also a registered trademark.

Full Logo / Vertical / Oversized

Original, Two Story "g"

Social Media Bug/Favicon